We are less than 1 week away from our 20-year Reunion!  It is going to be so great reconnecting with everyone, and finding out what everyone is up to.  Facebook can only keep us SO connected... it's time to show UP to get DOWN and dance like it's 1997!  You won't want to miss all the fun of connecting with friends, and dancing to the greatest hits of our high school days.  Get your tickets today!

NOTE:  Tickets will be sold at the DOOR for $100 CASH until 7:30pm.  
Reunion Ticket Costs:

Thanks to your input, we were able to bring the cost of the Reunion event down by eliminating the sit-down dinner buffet, and instead providing appetizers for folks to nibble on.  

Tickets are $75 per person.

We don't have a class account or budget for reunions, so 100% of the cost of the event has to be raised by ticket sales.  I put down a deposit of $1000 back in January, so a fraction of the cost of the ticket is to recooperate that deposit.  

Please help make this Reunion a HUGE success by encouraging friends to buy tickets as soon as you purchase yours!  

Thanks!  Can't wait to see you on JULY 22!

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20-year Reunion Ticket (week-of event)$ 75.00
JHS Class of 1997 20-year Reunion ticket
When:07/22/2017 6pm-10pm
Where:The Fruit Yard
Number of Tickets:
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Chris - (Flesuras)
Kana - (Onishi)
Glen Alexander
Charles Andrea Mauerman (Gough)
Kurtis Atkinson
Jeremy Avra
Emily Beck
Gini Berdion (Welsome)
Shannon Bettencourt (Moran)
Vincent Borja
Adam Bradley
Campbell Bradley
Robert Bravo
Christine Briones (Valladon)
Philippe Bucknam
Chris Butler
Emilie Canabou (de Lorimier)
Julieann Caraccilo (Hicks)
Allison Carroll
Alyson Cornelius
Douglas Cornelius
Andrea Crespo
Kathryn Cuevas (Cuevas)
Matthew Damante
Alison Davis (Harris)
Tim De Lorimier
Ellen Di Cristina
Jeff Doucette
Stephanie Duncan
Devin Engebretsen (Engebretsen)
Portia Ewing (Flores)
Elizabeth Fadel
Adam Fischer
Michael Gomes
Jose Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez
Rick Gonzalez
Lee Goodridge
Alan Gozun
Sokhary Gozun
Angelina Gunderson (Gonzalez)
Colleen Hale (Hernandez)
Vanessa Hall (Throckmorton)
Shannon Hansen (Gomes)
Seth Harris
Emily Hawn (Damante)
Ron Hernandez
Alexandra Hoffmann (Bradley)
Laura Hoffmeyer (Fischer)
Carlie Hogan-Jones
Rosita Izquierdo (Izquierdo-Rosa)
Jonathan Jones
Stefanie Kirk (Henderson)
Niki Korakas (McCoy)
Christian Krejcik
Amy Lasater (Gonzalez)
Sarah Lilly
Joel Lucente
Selene Madera (Witcher)
Andrea Mauerman (Gough)
Koren McCaffrey
Jason McCoy
Andrea McNelis
Brent McNelis
Matt McNelis
Steven Meirinho
Drake Miller
Evette Montgomery
Matt Montgomery
Melissa Moore (Bradley)
Alison Morrison
Cory Morrison
Kristin Mower (Johnson)
Merri Nottley (Puhlman)
Nicolas Ortega
Crystal Page (Davila)
Brian Parman
Amy Peck (Sensney)
Janet Petersen (Bell)
Melissa Pitts
Terrill Powell
Amber Pruitt (Creameans)
Jeremy Puhlman
Jeremy Reed
Johnny Rosa
Lisa Rose
Renaldo Rucker
Alyssa Rudel
Eric Rudel
Donny Salazar
George Scott
Matt Seamons
Ryan Sensney
Nick Silva
Deanne Smith (Terrero)
Tracy Spencer (viri)
Eric Staley
Paul Staley
Melissa Stubbs (Almeida)
Eric Terrero
Ian Thorpe
Laura Tognolini (McNelis)
Sarah Torres
Ronee Uyeshiro
Anthony Valenzua
Scott Valladon
Venita Venita Prasad (Prasad)
Leendert Verburg
Jaime Villegas
Aly Vizcarra
Jacob Waldman
Ryan Wamsat
Mike Williford
Jason Witcher
Aja Yamzon (Verburg)